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Even though this is a late post, I would like to share with you a dreamy dress from Stella McCartney’s 2011 fall-winter collection.

The dotted part is genious, not to mention that this design comes in three different styles. My favourite is the one above, totally in love with it. The entire collection seen here.

I wish you a dreamy night,


One of my favourites romanian fashion bloggers is Ana-Maria Morodan, with her lovely blog High Street Cardigans.

Besides her chic attitude and sense of style, the blog contains a vivid life story and an unique way of living. The posts are inspiring not only for the fashionable side but for the life lessons, thoughts and ideas.

Last but not least, her fashion project is breathtaking: Snobbish Breakfast. A series of easy-to-wear, fluid and chic long dresses, every woman’s dream. She is a capable fashion blogger that actually stands out in the crowd and I admire her for that.

Ana, I send you kisses and hugs and lots of sunny thoughts! For you, fame is only two blocks away!

Sleep tight,

I recently found an amazing photographer, Tomo Brejc, originary from Slovenia. His is well known for his work for magazines like GQ, Elle and Esquire. His portofolio also includes TV commercials and music videos.

While admiring his work and portofolios, I came along with this figure, a young girl dressed all white. The entire outfit caught my attention, especially the white shouldered jacket, seen here, in his 3rd portofolio. Check it out, he is an amazing artist.

Have a joyful wednesday,

The thing I like most about this pair of Messeca Coraline shoes is the perfect combination between design, fabric (wood and leather) and fashion. In my mind these are statement shoes.

The leopard- printed ones are by far my favourites, I am a sucker for prints and stripes ( how cool a stripped pair be?). And the best part is that they come in seven different shades plus the leopard ones.

For a closer look, admire them here.

This is the outfit I wore a couple of days ago at a party. Even though I am not a big fan of neons, I said that I should give it a try and bought myself a rather cute yellowish tshirt from H&M. It really got into me. Now I wish for a neon pink one 🙂

I wish you a perfect weekend,

I am a big fan of Elie Saab as a designer and for the SS 2011 Collection I have chosen two of my favourite designs: a white shouldered dress with golden bracelets and a light blue deux-piece mixed with a glittery grey shirt.

This collection is one of my favourites for this summer because of its easy coloured textures and feminine shapes.

You can see the entire collection here.


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